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Time for Building Trust & Achieving Goals

In addition to football, basketball and left-over turkey, Thanksgiving weekend included the announcement of Biden-Harris communication team.

These selections are indeed historic in that all the senior positions (including the comms jobs for VP-elect Kamala Harris and FLOTUS Jill Biden) will be held by women.

The more important point, however, is that these individuals are tops in their field, well-connected in Washington and - most importantly, in our opinion –know their Boss, his goals and how communication fits into his strategy.

Their challenge is not that different from any other communication team… help their Boss build and maintain trust.

Anyone who has observed the media environment over the last four years would agree that this team’s central challenge is to restore transparency, consistency and reliability in how the White House communicates--to the American people, with the media and to audiences around the world.

It’s easy to observe how our politicians and their staffs communicate and to identify what they do right and what needs improvement…but who does that for your company, your Boss, your comms team?

At Provision Advisors, we help you identify and reach your communication goals by providing timely advice to senior leaders, coaching to high-potential team members and mentorship to communication staffs.

New year’s or times of transition are ideal to evaluate communication efforts and measure them against prior expectations. Use this season of resolution-making to identify needed improvement and to set goals for the next year.

Whether to improve transparency, consistency, and reliability or to simply add more in-house capability…Provision Advisors can help.

Reach out to us at We can help you meet your goals for 2021.

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