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Provision Advisors Gearing Up

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Welcome to 3C’s in a Pod...a look at the good, the bad and the “what could be better”... with

control, comm points and cosmetics in the world of communication. Navigating you through this weekly journey will be the Provision team of John Schofield, Chris Servello and Bashon Mann.

Our team has media trained and prepared hundreds of Department of Defense uniformed and civilian senior leaders over the last two decades using the “3Cs”—controls, comm points and cosmetics as the guideposts to success. During our weekly podcast we will use the same rubric to look at the week’s highs and lows in communication, talk shop about the latest PR trends and then gaze on the horizon as to what you can expect in the week ahead. (And yes we are a nautical bunch.)

Using our seven decades of strategic communication experience, we will raise issues, review lessons learned and identify future trends...all while bringing you weekly guests, analysis and hopefully, some fun along the way.

Stayed tuned for our first out the first week in January.

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