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Ep 12: What Happens in Vegas Doesn't Have to Stay There

If a report falls in the forest, does anyone see it? Why the Jussie Smollett case matters? How Mad is the March Madness and finally...its baseball season! All this and more on this episode of 3Cs in a Pod.

With host Bashon Mann and joined by and with me on the show are Chris Servello, and John Schofield...thank you for joining us this week.

Referenced Articles: -Sportsmedia Watch ( -Sarah Sanders shares 'Mueller Madness' bracket featuring angry Trump haters who got collusion wrong (…aturing-angry-trump) -Keep Your Comms Toolbelt Handy (…olbelt-handy) -Will legalized sports betting curtail corruption or encourage it? (…ge-it-60-minutes/)

If you want more of the Provision Conversation, follow us on Twitter and give us your thoughts at @ProVadvisors or check us out on the web always, we look forward to hearing from you.

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