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5 Things to Know About Provision Advisors

Updated: Jan 13, 2019

1)   Our team has more than seven decades of combined strategic communication and national security experience.

We apply our broad national security and public policy expertise to deliver solutions for today's most complex problems and opportunities.

2)   We can help grow your network of communication contacts and trusted agents before the clock starts ticking.

Relationships matter. When opportunity knocks or crisis strikes, that’s not the time to start conversations with issue and media influencers. Working with Provision Advisors allows you to leverage our relationships with national media, key influencer agents and dynamic communication vehicles to best tell your story. Put our experience to work for you now, instead of trying to make connections and surge trust after its too late.

3)   Provision works together with your team to achieve favorable outcomes amid contentious or controversial issues which directly impact relationships and market identity.

We specialize in strategic communication planning, execution, and coaching for senior-level leaders and communicators dedicated to achieving success.

4)   We protect your current and future interests by anticipating and responding to real-time developments that affect client brands.

The right crisis response will help your organization bounce back, but crisis anticipation and preparation will help you avoid missteps and miscalculations that can sink a respected organization before you ever have a chance to try and rebound.

5)   Our name says it all.

 “Provision,” according to Merriam-Webster “provision” is defined in three parts:

-the act or process of providing

-the fact or state of being prepared beforehand

-a measure taken to deal with a need or contingency

We specialize in providing your organization needed strategic communication expertise beforehand, so you are well prepared when the inevitable contingency appears on the horizon.

For more information, contact us at

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